Friday, April 06, 2007


You know what I love? I love it when I floss a good-sized chunk of something out from between my molars and have no idea what it is - until I recognize it as something I ate two days ago.

So lovely.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


This link is fantastic. Some guy has created one of those user authentication checks that would permit or deny access to the Internet based on your use of the English language. The concept is a scream and it's surprisingly well executed.

I'm all for the idea, incidentally.

Try it out yourself and see if you'd be able to use the Internet.

And when you're done, head back and check out the picture of Hillary again. She's short-circuiting again!


Democratic Party Frontrunner and malfunctioning cyborg Hillary Clinton reacts Monday to news that Barack Obama nearly matched her fundraising total of $26 million dollars. More surprising than the amount was the origin: it poured in from over 100,000 donors. It appears the people grow restless for change.

More disconcerting for Hillary lovers may be the recent Harris poll indicating that 50% of Americans would NOT vote her under any circumstances. This staggering setback in the court of public opinion, no doubt, has the Republican establishment eagerly stuffing her war chest with green in the hopes she can wrest the Party nomination away from her pragmatic and popular challenger, Obama, which would all but ensure a Republican victory in November 2008.

Advice to Democrats: If you want the White House, better ditch Capitol Hillary and Barack and roll. The best shot isn't such a long shot anymore.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Looks like I can retire from NCAA Bracketology - I finally placed in a 40-man pool last night with Florida's (anticipated) win over Ohio State.

All those years of picking conservatively and sticking with the top seeds finally paid off. '07 was a not-so-upsetting tournament in that regard - few surprises, and most of those aberrations were quickly corrected by higher seeds. It's safe to say March wasn't all that mad this year.

Nailed three of the final four, the final two, and the national champ to lock up second place and $100. I was thinking I should quit now while I'm ahead, but then I realized that if I add up all the money I've spent over the years without winning a dime, I'm really not ahead. So I suppose I'll have to let it ride instead!