Saturday, May 25, 2013

40 Things I Learned in 40 Years (One Year at a Time)

1 Cookie! (the awesome power of words)

2 Little sisters are okay

3 Friends can be very comforting (even if they’re stuffed)


5 People come in all colors, shapes, and sizes

6 Asthma is scary

7 Dinosaurs rule!

8 Farts are hilarious

9 Girls are icky

10 Video games rock

11 Maybe girls aren’t so bad

12 Sometimes you just want to be alone (with the door locked)

13 Life isn’t fair

14 Listening isn’t enough – sometimes you have to take notes

15 It sure takes a lot of time to earn a little money

16 They’re really serious about this speed limit thing

17 Girls suck

18 Life can be more awesome than I ever imagined

19 They’re really serious about underage drinking

20 This guitar thing is pretty easy

21 You can’t really do much with a degree in Rhetoric

22 Grad school is a great (but expensive) way to buy time

23 Girls suck (but only if you’re nice to them)

24 It’s possible to live on very little

25 If you don’t water your relationship, it will die

26 Friends can be very comforting (especially if they’re not stuffed)

27 You can do great things if you put your mind to it

28 If you’re not billable, your days are numbered

29 Sometimes the worst thing that could have happened turns out to the be the best thing

30 Little sisters are more than okay

31 Commuting drains the soul

32 Girls can be pretty awesome

33 People sometimes see more in me than I see in myself

34 Being a father figure is a big responsibility (with big rewards)

35 Having no plan for your life is actually a plan (and not a very good one)

36 Home is the company of loved ones

37 Wanting something won’t help you get it

38 There’s still time to change the road you’re on

39 Some of life’s surprises are brutally painful

40 Don’t steal the steins at Oktoberfest in Munich

Looking forward to learning my next 40 lessons...