Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Every once in awhile, I actually get a question from the people. It used to happen a lot more frequently before the blogospheric big bang. Back then AYNtK was a weekly e-letter faithfully distributed on Friday afternoons - so much so that if it arrived just an hour late, people would write to ask if I was okay.

Nothing fosters the illusion that you matter like strangers checking in from around the globe to make sure you didn't buy the farm. These days I just throw up a post whenever it suits me and if people come, they come. Not quite as personal as the old 5pm personal delivery, but I do get to post pictures like this one.

Anyhow - back to the point of this post. (I'm easily distracted by the voices in my head). Every once in a while I actually get a question from the people. This week I received an inquiry from Joe C, who writes:

"I love your site & how you write, I'd reply more often if I could get the damn system to work for me. But since you ask, yes, I do have a burning question for you. How can I convert music written in ABC format to standard notation? Sorry, it's a bit of a specialised question, I'm hoping for a simple straightforward answer, I hope such things still exist in this high tech age." - Joe C.

Joe - first off, thanks for writing. Always good to see these keystrokes are meeting eyeballs out in the void of Internetia.

Second, there IS a way to convert music written in ABC format to standard notation. I would go through the details here, but that would be more than you need to know...which is not the name of this Blog. Instead, in the spirit of teaching a man to fish, I will direct your attention to this handy eHow link. If I understood your question correctly, this should be the direction you require.

Happy converting!

(Any more questions?)


Here's a link to the Tom Cruise indoctrination video that was pulled from YouTube by an angry mob of Scientologists. Thanks to G Money for the lead.

While I fully support Tom's right to believe and practice whatever religion he wants, I have to admit, the things he says in this video are downright mind-blowing. I actually, strangely, admire his conviction - in a way I could never admire GW's. He's convinced he's here to help, and as crazy as that sounds to most people, I can't help but wonder how much better our world and daily lives would be if more people felt this strongly about getting mankind to the next level.

If you're going to go crazy, this is the way to go!