Friday, August 10, 2007

I'VE GOT ISSUES site is great. It's a simple list of hot political topics alongside some drop-down menus. Go down the list and indicate whether you support or oppose the different topics, from stem cell research to torturing people for sport, and then calculate the results.

The site then spits out a list of the presidential candidates in the order that they agree with you. I can almost guarantee that the person on the top of your list will not NOT be the person you are planning on voting for. In fact, the people you are most likely to vote for are probably a little further down the list - toward the center.

I actually like the idea of an election run this way - on the issues. Instead of sifting through the propaganda of unregulated political marketing to try and come to an informed decision, we could just have the presidential candidates fill out a questionnaire revealing how they stand on the issues. Then we'd all vote on those same issues; each individual's vote would be cast for that candidates who best matches up on the issues. Voila! No negative ads required. It's not about distorting a person's record or destroying their reputation anymore. It's about shit that how you intend to lead the nation.

But that wouldn't be any fun. There'd be no good guys and bad guys. No one to root for and against. Just a simple questionnaire to fill out. Ho hum. On second thought, never mind. Our twisted, scornful political system is way more fun the way it is.


That's the life of a busy professional, I suppose. But I'm still alive. And well. Here's a little something to chew on in the mean time.

Stay tuned.