Sunday, February 15, 2009


I used to love reading The Drudge Report. There was just something about it.

It looked and felt markedly different than the traditional news media outlets, and I liked that. It had this underground, organic appeal that made me feel like I was special somehow...privy to insider information. Silly, I know, considering the website is one of the most widely visited pages on the Internet.

For me, for years, The Drudge Report was the quickest way to download the daily zeitgeist, and I was addicted to its easy-access format. I just loved the way the news was laid out…a single page, loaded with links, each custom-crafted headline contributing to a real-time commentary on the world. And that trademark black, bold headline in the center of the stark white page with a single photo calling attention to biggest breaking news story.

Yes, I used to love Drudge. *sigh*

These days, the site’s primary focus, as far as I can tell at a glance, which is all I can manage to give Drudge these days, is the pernicious denigration and humiliation of the Obama Administration.

And Obama hasn’t done anything yet!

He hasn’t had the time in office to eloquently mispronounce common words. He hasn’t had the occasion to treat our nation’s most sacred documents with contempt and disregard. He hasn’t invested the energy in defouling our reputation abroad. He hasn’t committed American blood and billions to the preemptive invasion of non-threatening sovereign nations. He simply hasn’t earned the disrespect Drudge shamelessly dishes day after nauseating day.

For heaven's sake, the man hasn't even choked on a pretzel.

All he DID do was win an election. And not by a small amount.

Ever since, and in fact for months leading up to his election and subsequent inauguration, Drudge's carefully written headlines have mocked the popular politician's every step in Washington, in a way we would have expected them to mock our previous President – a man who truly earned, and history may decide DESERVED, the sharp criticism he received.

Yes, the agenda is clear. To promote disdain for the progressive. To promote distrust of populism. To execute a smear campaign one headline at a time – each spitefully crafted phrase promoting a subtext of disharmony and a spirit of divisiveness.

All of the bitching and moaning is unbecoming of Drudge. And, frankly, from someone who had considered himself a fan and loyal follower, I find it a little embarrassing. I used to browse the Report with enthusiasm. These days I am almost too ashamed to keep it in my bookmarks toolbar. It no longer represents me, or the world I want to live in.

What has Obama done but inspired millions of uninspired Americans? What has he done but made history by overcoming great odds and cultural adversity? What has he done but pledged to defend the widely cherished democratic beliefs that have been silenced for too long? What has he done but risen to the occasion – to act with swiftness in addressing our nation’s most destabilizing economic crisis since the great depression?

Don't take my word for it. I encourage you to judge for yourself. Visit Drudge now. See what Drudge is calling “news” these days. See what millions are digesting as the same. Headlines about Obama bumping his head on Air Force One, promoting socialism, controlling the media, and being an elitist.

What does it benefit America to hope for our President’s failings at a time we as a people are failing? Failing to make the grade. Failing to become energy independent. Failing to hold corporate entities accountable for the havoc they have wreaked on the working class. Failing to afford basic health care to all Americans. Failing to recognize that in helping those who need help, we are also helping ourselves. After eight years of failed leadership, why wish and hope for more?

Instead of becoming a mouthpiece of hatred and malcontent, Drudge, I would have you deeply consider the words of a man whose positive ideals and values changed the course of human history: Mahatma Gandhi.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Be a force for good. Promote the positive. Sell success. Tell the story of our common struggles - those we all must overcome.

Or, at the very least, in the urban parlance of our trying times, give us all a break and for Criminy's sake, man, “Don’t be hatin’.”