Thursday, March 20, 2008


I passed the test...but at what cost? Click to play and see how well you do.


The ultimate peep show.

Now that's a hot, sticky mess just waiting to happen.

Happy Easter, my peeps.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I mean COME ON, people. This guy oozes leadership. He's rational. He's practical. He's optimistic. He's a thinker. He's a doer. Let's not fuck this up.

I personally can't imagine a better face for the country right now. Can you? Besides Tom Brokaw, of course. Honestly. Who's going to better lead us out of the fucking mess we're in? Collapsing economy. Racial and socioeconomic division. Crumbling infrastructure. Falling dollar. Overextended military. Growing trade deficit. Growing national debt. Wage stagnation. Gasoline nearing $4/gallon. See what one little war will do for a thriving democracy?

Make no mistake about it - America is on the decline.

More frightening than all of this are recent polls showing Obama behind McCain in a potential head-to-head. How is that even possible? Haven't we had enough of the old, institutional white guys protecting old, institutional white guys?

Can we get a little new blood in charge instead of John McSame?

This guy's campaign was on life support 6 months ago. Republicans don't even like him...and he's polling ahead of one of the most exciting Presidential candidates this country has ever seen. I just don't understand America sometimes. Who are we, and what are we so afraid of? It's no wonder Canada reported its highest immigration figures ever this year. A lot of people joke about moving, but I'm starting to seriously consider it. Although, I'm thinking Norway. Happiest folks on the planet, reportedly.

Anyhow, this country is seriously fucked up beyond repair if we don't seize this opportunity and wrest control of the wheel from the fear-mongering warlords and petroleum whores. This shouldn't even be close, and the fact that it is forces me to question what is REALLY going on here.

Just think about it.