Thursday, November 29, 2007



America Heads for the Trash Can of History

by Paul Craig Roberts (Reposted without permission in the interest of saving America by the silly monkey AYNtK)


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11/28/07 "ICH" --- -- In new books writers as disparate as Naomi Wolf and Pat Buchanan conclude that America as we know her is disappearing. Both writers hope, but are not confident, that enough Americans will catch on in time to find the leadership to pull America back from the brink.

If polls are reliable, a majority of Americans are dissatisfied with President Bush and Congress. However, Americans are far short of Wolf and Buchanan's grasp of our peril.

Americans are unable to connect their dissatisfaction with the current political leadership with their choice of new leaders. All polls show that Hillary Clinton is far in the lead for the Democratic presidential nomination and Rudy Giuliani is far in the lead for the Republican nomination These are the only two candidates guaranteed to be worse than Bush/Cheney.

Both Hillary and Rudy are committed to the war. Both refuse to rule out expanding the war to Iran and beyond. Both are totally in the pocket of the Israel Lobby. Indeed, practically every Giuliani advisor is a member of the Lobby. Both defend the police state measures that "protect us from terrorism." And neither gives a hoot for the US Constitution and the civil liberties it guarantees. The Republican Giuliani is likely to overturn the Second Amendment even quicker than the Democrat Hillary.

Both Hillary and Rudy are creatures of ambition, not of principle. Both are one up on Karl Marx. Marx said truth serves class interests. For Hillary and Rudy, truth is what serves their individual interests. They both wear black hats, and the horse they ride is called power.

Yet in November polls, Republicans prefer Giuliani by a margin of five or six to one over Ron Paul, the only principled Republican candidate and a person who without any doubt believes in the Constitution and would protect it.

Democrats prefer Hillary by a margin of twenty to one over Dennis Kucinich, the only member of Congress sufficiently concerned and courageous to introduce impeachment against the notorious war criminal Dick Cheney. By margins as much as forty-four to one, Democrats prefer Hillary to Senator Christopher Dodd, who promises to give America back its Constitution in the first hour of his administration. Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel does not even register in the polls.

Obviously, the American people haven't a clue. In November 2007 they show a distinct preference for leaders who are even worse than the ones with whom they are currently dissatisfied. What does this tell us about the American people and their commitment to be sufficiently informed for democracy to function?

It tells us that they are not up to the challenge. It is only a matter of time before America succumbs to the plutocracy, against which Warren Buffet recently warned Congress, or the fascist tyranny that Naomi Wolf sees in our future.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This Mini owner and devoted Buckeye fan didn't care for her Michigan state license plate options, so she made the best out of what she had.

Rivalries are cool.


It seems the word "foreclosure" has been popping up more and more these days - due in large part to the predictable (if only in hindsight) collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market, a dangerous lending practice recently uncovered as an institution-wide money-making scheme gone south.

If you are unfamiliar with exactly how a handful of financial giants ruined the dream of home ownership for millions of hard-working, low-to-middle-income Americans, I recommend you watch this clip. The participants break down the sub-prime mortgage scandal in such a way as to make it both accessible and entertaining.

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If you're a Chicago White Sox fan or a St. Louis Cardinals fan, you've got to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to stick it to the Chicago Cubs! I'm a Cubs fan, and it pains me to see they're shamelessly hawking personalized plaza stones to bring in a few extra bucks. There's no way I'd fork over $175 to have people step all over my good name. But if I were a Sox fan, I'd sure as shit invest in a brick that forever jams their recent World Series victory down the north-siders' throats. Whose brilliant idea was this?

Monday, November 26, 2007


Is that my little sister running for elected office? You'd better believe it. And if she ever lets me spill ALL the beans, you're not going to believe the stories I have to tell about the sorry state of our nation's twisted political system. Grisham-esque.

What we need is complete turnover of every publicly held office in America. New blood. New leadership. New ideas. And this lady sure knows her stuff. She ought to - she and I are cut from the same simian cloth. Monkey see good, monkey do good.