Saturday, August 18, 2007


Here's an excellent article on propaganda that illuminates how simple it is for the ruling elite to brainwash the emotional, narcissistic masses.

It's all about fear and appealing to our survival instinct. Once we are adequately afraid, we'll do whatever they say. We'll give up all of our rights in the name of "security." We'll stop questioning authority. And worse, ostracize those who dare ask questions.

Politics is propaganda. Smear campaigns and attack ads are designed to fill us with fear and force us into supporting those figureheads who promise to keep us safe. Beware the price you will pay for this false sense of security.

Individuals think, not groups. So think. Read. Examine. Open your mind. Discover.

And most of all, live with hope - not fear.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Oh my-fucking-lanta. How prescient (and precious) is this?

Dick Cheney offers a little insight back in 1994 as to what might have transpired had Papa Bush gone all the way to Baghdad to drop Saddam in Persian Gulf Tourney Numero Uno.

A truly amazing look back in time, given what we now know about the American occupation of Iraq, its tragic consequences and cost to our collective future.