Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hillary Clinton proved herself Mountain Mama of West Virginia with a landslide 2-to-1 victory over Barack Obama Tuesday night. To pull of this crushing victory, Clinton relied heavily upon her base of poor, undereducated white racists.

Again and again, state after state, Clinton has proved her appeal to this important segment - a large group of democratic voters many believe will not support for Obama when he is crowned the party's nominee, no matter how white his mother was.

Indeed, Clinton's strategy in recent weeks has been to stress the importance of capturing the broken hearts and polluted minds of poor, undereducated white racist voters - going so far as to say Obama cannot become president without their blessing.

The numbers actually support her.

In contest after contest, poor undereducated white racists overwhelmingly support Clinton. Better educated people of all races, meanwhile, have been gradually gravitating toward Obama.

Obama's campaign admits his appeal to downtrodden whites with ties to the Klan is not where they would like it to be, but says he will continue reaching out despite their generations-old bias against people of color.

The Clinton campaign also issued a statement saying that their victory in West Virginia was not the work of poor, undereducated white racists, but rather thanks to her two other key constituent groups, older Americans and blue-collar workers.

But according to a well-known democratic strategist who wished to remain anonymous, "That's just another way of saying the same thing. In West Virginia, 98% of older Americans and working-class people happen to be poor, undereducated white racists."

So there you have it.