Wednesday, March 14, 2007


A couple weeks ago I took notice of Obama's annoying gift for (subconsciously?) adjusting his dialect, tone, and delivery depending on the make up of the audience. Something in that just seems disingenuous to me, and I notice a lot of politicians do it. It just makes me want to ask, "So who are you? Really. Because you sound like two completely different people." And then I made reference to Hillary Clinton as being, prehaps, the champion of duplicity.

Here's excerpt from a recent article that speaks to it better than I can.

"Hillary didn't help herself with her over-the-top sermon at the First Baptist Church in Selma, Ala., two weeks ago. Her aping of a black Southern accent from the pulpit was so inept and patronizing that it should get a Razzie Award for Worst Performance of the Year. At times, it approached the Southern Gothic burlesque of Bette Davis chewing up the scenery in "Hush ... Hush, Sweet Charlotte." Does Hillary Clinton have a stable or coherent sense of self? Or is everything factitious, mimed and scripted (like her flipping butch and femme masks) for expediency?"

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