Monday, March 12, 2007


This link is CLASSIC. We all know that the Fox News Channel is full of shit, but this site is the pudding. It's a screen-cap compilation of some unbelievable "newsworthy" moments from the uber-conservative propaganda machine. Some of the captions are laugh-out-loud funny. And they're 100% real. People actually wrote these video supers and some editor let them run. Check out the site.

Civil war in Iraq a fabrication? Please tell me we just made up the whole invasion of Iraq, too! There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place...

NOTE: These are not doctored in any way - they are ACTUAL screen captures.

It's not every day that a man gets shot IN THE FACE and the news headline wonders whether the shooter is doing okay. Only on FUX.

Was there even a crime? OMG. Let's see. He was found GUILTY by a jury of a dozen peers - people who later said they felt BAD for him because he was clearly the "fall guy" in this whole scandal. They found him guilty and admitted afterward that they didn't even want to. Of COURSE there was a crime here - and Dickie C - our nation's esteemed vice dictator - is the real criminal...among others. The untouchables.

If you ask me, the real crime is that we can't nail them all. So let me try and understand how our system of checks and balances works. Clinton gets a blow job and Congress tries the randy fucker for impeachment. This entire administration, meanwhile, is hell bent on Fed Exing our fine nation to hell in a handbasket one foreign policy bungle after the next and the best we can do is lock up some two-bit schlep named "Scooter"?? How is it we can call for the dismissal a leader on the basis of sexual impropriety but can't move to replace a chimpanzee whose IQ and approval rating combined barely break 50. Isn't there something WRONG with that?

And will someone quit playing that damn Mellencamp song about this being "our country." This is Halliburton's country.

If I had more time I'd organize a formal boycott of the commercial sponsors of crap journalism like this. Who advertises during this shit? I want a list, dammit.

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