Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I was just thinking about all of the crap I have to deal with at work and I came to the realization that I'd get a lot more done if it weren't for other people. Really. People get in my way. People make issues out of things that shouldn't be issues just to have something to say. People slow down the process. People call meetings to talk about doing stuff instead of actually doing stuff. People who aren't in charge make decisions that end up getting overturned by people who ARE in charge. People are a liability to progress. People impede workflow. People sit on things until the day after they need them and then make it someone else's problem.

Can I get a witness?


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah!

Amen Brother!

Sheila K said...

AAAAAAAAAAmen Brother Terry...I made the mistake of mentioning this in front of my boss today... OOOPS. Oh well, thank God she's not bright enough to know I meant it!!!