Tuesday, October 02, 2007


The people ask:

"Where did people come from? If there was Adam and Eve, their son Cain...who killed Abel....where do all of us come from? I hear incest....however the Bible does not cover this topic, it skips around the whole whom begat whom..."

AYNtK to the rescue:

That's because the Bible is full of stories. The truth is we came from monkeys. I know there is, has been, and will always be endless debate about this, but many believe that the stories in the Bible were not meant to be taken literally for the very reason you pointed out. There would have been a lot of incest at the top of our family tree. Doesn't seem biologically feasible, does it?

Some think it's a better idea to take the stories in the Bible as a moral guide and to use them to live a productive, meaningful, happy life. And leave questions regarding our origin to the scientists who will tell you that, without question, our ACTUAL ancestors were swinging in trees long before Adam and Eve took a stroll in the garden...

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Anonymous said...

The Bible does explain clearly where Cains wife came from. The carnal mind cannot grasp the understanding therefore the mystery. The answer is in how man was created and devided.God concieves children differently than the animal kingdom including the human race. Only by Faith in Christ and being born of the Spirit can one understand spiritual language . The Bible is written by Spirit and we read it with a carnal mind therefore the confusion. The answer to every question is answered in the Scriptures.