Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Here's a Japanese I.Q. Test you will not pass.

There is a solution, but good luck arriving at it. The rules to this logic-based brainteaser are so difficult to keep straight you may find it easier to transcribe everything into algebra equations. Or, maybe you'll just want to click on the pretty picture for fun.

Good luck!


jvw97 said...

that's a tough one. took me about 20 minutes.

Donkey Hoatie said...

It's not terribly difficult, but here's the solution if you want it.

NOTE: I'm posting the solution below. Consider yourself warned.

Seriously, I'm going to give you the answer now.

Don't look unless you really want to know.

1. Send the police and thief across
2. Bring the police back
3. Send the police and a son across (or daughter, but I'm going to use son for the remainder)
4. Bring the police and thief back
5. Send the father and second son across
6. Bring the father back
7. Send the mother and father across
8. Bring the mother back
9. Send the police and thief across
10. Bring the father back
11. Send the father and mother across
12. Bring the mother back
13. Send the mother and first daughter across
14. Bring the police and thief back
15. Send the police and second daughter across
16. Bring the police back
17. Send the police and thief across
18. Bask in the glory of your success