Thursday, July 05, 2007


I jog several times a week - not because I enjoy it, but because I know it's good for me. And because I feel less guilty eating crap food for lunch when I had a good run the night before. Sometimes I wonder how far I've run and try adding up the blocks in my head and equating them to rough miles. Somehow it never seems to be as far as I hoped it would be.

And then I stumbled upon this kick ass site called Map My Run. They basically let you zoom in on a Google Map and trace out your route block by block and turn by turn. The distance automatically adds up for you and - voila - you can see exactly how far you've gone. Found out that my standard trek along Lake Shore Drove from North and Clark to the southern end of Diversey Harbor and back is precisely 3miles long.

A little farther than I thought it'd be. Looks like I'm ready for that 5K next week after all.

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