Thursday, March 29, 2007


If you love Jib Jab, here's another fine production for your files. This one pokes fun at some of the sensational bullshit we call news these days. It's actually remarkable some days the crap that passes as "newsworthy."

For example, right now, as I post this, one of the top headlines on MSNBC.COM is:

"Spears, K-FED reach settlement."


That is NOT news. That is what should be private information about a personal relationship between two people (whose time in the spotlight, incidentally, expired a long time ago). Does anyone really care about that? How is that information helpful? And how is it more important than, let's see what's buried lower on the page - escalating tension over Iran's capture and detainment of 15 British Naval officers? One story has absolutely zero impact on my life while the other could significantly alter the course of world history. And enough with the Anna Nicole saga already - you'd think she was Mother Teresa with the amount of media coverage spent on her death. She was a fucked up ex-centerfold with a weight problem and substance abuse issues. I'm sure she was a great mom, too - but I don't need to see it all over the news every night.

I worry about our priorities as a nation when I see important domestic and international issues constantly overshadowed by sensational and pointless journalism that keeps us focused on the unimportant at the expense of actual information that might otherwise help us enjoy a greater understanding of the world we live in.

And now, if you will excuse me, I must step down from my soapbox to watch SportsCenter.

Seriously, though - go check out this link!

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