Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The Monopoly Game is back at McDonalds. I know...I don't care either. But it must boost sales because it seems like forever that they've been running the same damn promotion. I remember when I was a kid I used to run across Western Avenue to the McDonalds across the street from my house and dig around in the hedges that separated the drive-thru from the parking lot. I'd find all kinds of those little game pieces in there - many of them unopened. By the end of summer, I'd have almost an entire board built, minus the winning pieces, of course. And that was always the hardest part - collecting enough pieces to know which ones were common and which ones were potential prize-winners.

Fortunately, someone else has done that legwork for me this year. Below is a list of the "money" property game pieces for this year's Monopoly game at McDonalds. Next time you peel a chip off your extra super large beverage, check it against the list below. If it's the "money' piece, hang onto that bad boy until you collect the other two common pieces to win the prize!

Short Line

The prizes get progressively more valuable as you work your way down the list, and the keystone pieces more difficult to find. If you do score any of these unlikely gems in your travels, head over to eBay and order up the other pieces in the set and claim your prize. Just don't forget to grease my palm for making your life a little easier. You know - a little something for the effort.

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slskenyon said...

I used to work at McDonalds way back when, and I remember when Monopoly time came around. That was when we still had the "small" size for fries in the paper wrappers (now replaced by the former "medium" sized cartons) and one of the employees kept taking huge numbers of them out from under the friers. Not surprisingly, regardless of this "Veruca Salt" solution, she neglected to note that in the rules, McDonalds employees could not win anything legally.