Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I love this site. maps out your favorite artists, movies, and directors so that when you enter one, a visual constellation of related artists, movies, or directors shows up. It’s a great way to identify some new talent based on the talent you already know you love.

Click on the new bubbles that come up to get all new constellations and explore the entertainment universe!

And once you've had a chance to fart around there, you've GOT to go here. It's called the Music Genome Project and beyond showing you all of the music related to your favorites, it PLAYS them for you in an interruption-free radio format all day long. Skip the ones you don't like, save your favorites for later. It's Fab-OOO!

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Peter N said...

I think I sent this to you many moons ago. It still remembered my favs., even though I haven't been there since. Signed, Johnny Damon.