Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Last Wednesday, Geri and I planned a quiet, low-key evening alone. It was to be a single stress-free night together before what was certain to be a busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Comfortably dressed in soft, cotton pajamas, we dialed up $50 worth of specialty maki rolls from Matsuyama and threw in the latest DVD ordered up on Blockbuster.com – Season One, Disc One of the hit ABC show Lost.

Neither of us was familiar with the show, so we felt like we were walking into a movie without having seen a single trailer. All we knew was that it was wildly popular and a number of people had been recommending we check it out. So instead of trying to dive into the program mid-run, I thought we’d give it a go from the start to see if it was any good. And was it ever.

Warning: This shit is stickier than crack. As soon as the first episode ended, we immediately started part 2. When that ended, we moved right into episode 3. After 3 we looked at each other and agreed to watch “just one more” episode to complete Disc One. But when that one ended we were both left wanting more. So I got on my coat at 11:15 pm and hustled over to Blockbuster to rent Disc Two. We watched the next two episodes before finally succumbing to sleep.

All Thanksgiving Weekend we itched for our next fix, eagerly anticipating our return to town so we could visit the next installment. Indeed, when we returned Sunday night we fired up the last two episodes of Disc Two. Last night I picked up Disc Three and we blazed through all 4 episodes without a single piss break and ignoring all phone calls. We’re so glad we found Lost.

It does help that the DVDs have no commercials, so each episode is only 42 minutes long without interruption. It’s like watching a kick ass movie that never ends – it just keeps getting better and better and better. The folks who put this shit together have got a winning formula here – tell a compelling story in pieces, introduce no small amount of mystery, and build complex characters with unique personalities, flaws, and backgrounds. Beyond the writing, the acting, cinematography, and music are all top-notch. In letter-box format, you forget you’re not watching a feature film. Kudos to the folks who produce this Emmy-award winning masterpiece – it’s no wonder the show won the Emmy for best drama series.

AYNtK recommends you get Lost: If you haven’t been able to get into Lost because you missed the first season, get that shit on your holiday list, stat. It’s dope, ya’ll. You gonna love the way they do it. Shit's so sticky you'll catch up in no time.


Peter N said...

I have not missed an episode yet, last year and this, and watching the beautiful photography in hi-def makes it even more dreamlike.

AYNtK said...

My struggle is AVOIDING current episodes (and the commercials promoting them) until I can get all caught up! I'm only on disc 4 of season 1 - watching this season's episodes will confuse me and ruin all the suspense.

Peter N said...

And you will be better off watching the reruns rather than waiting till September for Season 2 to be released. If they were smart, they would release Season 2 the Tuesday (all newbies are released on Tuesdays) after the first run episodes end. If I hear anything, I'll let you know. PLUS there is a website dedicated to just such a purpose. I'll look it up and be right back. They will have word first on date of release, although just watching the summer repeats accomplishes the same thing.