Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Did you see this shit in Pakistan? 40,000 people feared dead from the massive earthquake over the weekend. Figures. Every time we have a massive natural disaster of some kind, some country somewhere has to one-up us with a something even more devastating. Sure, we'll get a handful of destructive twisters in the heartland...then there'll be a cyclone in Bangladesh. So then California will weather a crippling drought, widespread wildfires, and rolling blackouts - only to be outdone by a massive Tsunami. So then we finally think we got them with back-to-back hurricanes blasting the gulf coast - what could be worse than THAT? But NO - they whip up a catastrophic earthquake and just like that they're back on top again. How are we supposed to feel bad for ourselves when people are dying in numbers like that? 40,000 people DEAD. Holy Hiroshima, Batman!

And the timing was perfect. They waited until the whole Katrina/Rita thing was out of the news so people would conveniently forget that there are displaced Americans all over the country with no place to call home. Timely because now we can write them a big check in the name of friendship. I don't mean to make light of the situation over there - from what I've seen on television, it looks horrible. But so did/does New Orleans and surrounding communities. I just hate to see all that money going overseas when we desperately need it here. But that's not how imperialism works. When one of your global provinces has problems, you've got to loosen the purse-strings a little bit and throw some support their way. How else are we to find Osama Bin Missen without the support of Musharrif and company?

I just hope God takes a smoke break soon because all this devastation is getting expensive!

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Roy said...

How are we supposed to continue to be number 1 in the world when some other country keeps upping us on their natural disaster destruction? I guess we will all need to do our part in increasing flora carbon levels into the atmosphere in order to create an increase in carbon dioxide entrapment. We should see some first class natural disasters in the very near future that way, thus bringing our number one status back again. Have faith my friend and hope for the worst.