Tuesday, October 11, 2005


According to a new poll released by the Gallup organization, Americans now widely support interracial dating. Ahhh, nothing like the sweet smell of progress! Approval was most popular among those aged 18-29, with 95% of respondents indicating acceptance. This is particularly good news for Michael Jackson, who is now free to date himself without feeling like a complete freak.

Despite indicating a strong trend in favor of interracial dating, the poll did not show similar support for inter-species dating, which leaves Danny Bonaduce in a bind. An international consortium of top scientists remains unable to figure out what planet that guy is from. "Uranus" came up a number of times in initial discussions, but it turns out the scientists weren't talking about the planet.

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Peter N said...

Speaking of Danny B., the VH1 show BREAKING BONADUCE is so funny I have to watch some of them twice. He really is all the evidence we need of the missing link. My God, I feel bad for his wife, but this show is how to spell entertainment. Sundays at noon and 10 and about 8 times during the week.