Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I don't know who invented pistachios, but I'd like to buy that guy a beer. Pistachios are hands down the best tasting nuts ever invented. And they're even better when I take the time to get the shells off.

Speaking of nuts, did you know that peanuts aren't really nuts? It's true. Technically, they're classified as legumes (starchy tubers like beans) and come from the same family as peas! Hence the "pea" in "peanut."

Now you know. And do you know what else? I'm not wearing pants. Deal with THAT.

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Sheila K said...

Okay, you have compelled me to tell what I think is a funny story. When I was in college, a friend of mine and I ate pistachios ALL THE TIME (almost literally). We were so enamored of the crazy things that we came up with a slogan that we were sure the Pistachio Growers Association would want to buy from us: "Pistachios, the adult sunflower seed." We quoted it everywhere we went. Alas, the PGA was not intested (not the nut boys or the golf girls!)

About 2 months ago, a co-workers friend died while eating pistachio nuts. I never did hear if he choked on them or if he had a heart attack while he was eating them. I had to IM my friend the pistachio nut (hahahaha) and tell him that someone died eating the adult sunflower.

Amazingly enough, my friend was NOT eating pistachios when I broke the news to him. He was eating almonds. Unfortunately we didn't have a slogan for the Almond Growers, so he had to make one up on the fly.

"Almonds, they're bland, but they won't kill you." And that is why I love my friend Terry (the other white meat Terry!!!)