Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I wanted to give a shout out to Wetnap and the Skipper this week - two good friends who will be tying the knot this Saturday. Congratulations, friends!

In celebration, we took Wetnap (it's better that you don't ask) out for drinks this past Saturday evening for a bar crawl in Wrigleyville, a neighborhood named for its proximity to Wrigley Field - home of the Chicago Cubs. The revelrous event, organized in the spirit of something called a "bachelor party," started with a bunch of friends at a nearby apartment, pounding beers and knocking back shots of tequila while watching college football. By bachelor party standards, and unlike the guest of honor, it was all very tame.

The "entertainment" consisted of a blow-up pig that looked more like Thomas the Train than any swine I've seen. Wetnap was informed it would be his date for the evening and was instructed to carry it closely at all times. He would try to ditch the pig several times that night, to no avail.

At 8pm sharp, the cavalcade of socially lubricated well-wishers hit Clark Street. 6+ hours later I was spotted cutting a carpet at Casey Moran's. What started out a rug ended up requiring a lot more square feet. I'm told it was not pretty, but that's what happens when enough tequila makes it to the toes. I think I cabbed back to Geri's from there where I hungrily stuffed leftover pizza into my face and promptly passed out, but details are sketchy.

Wetnap e-mailed this morning (3 days later) and said he was still recovering. Despite there being no arrests, no embarrassing pictures, and no major injuries, we agreed the evening was a success.

Unfortunately, there's no word on the pig. If anyone sees a stray blow-up pig wandering about aimlessly in the vicinity of Clark and Addison, please let me know. Wetnap would like to apologize and make it up to her.

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