Monday, February 02, 2009


In case you missed any of the action last night, here's a link to the Super Bowl ads.

It's thorough, and they're graded. I tend to agree with the assessments here. Overall, a rebound for the advertising industry compared to recent years. There were a number of real winners. My favorites were Bud Light's man flying out of the office window, the Teleflora flowers spot,'s well crafted story, and Doritos' crystal ball.

As for the game, I am still in shock that the NFL would allow that game to expire without reviewing that final turnover, which was clearly an incomplete pass. But that missed call was the punctuation mark on an overall poorly officiated game. One Steelers drive was buoyed by three personal foul calls, two of which fall into the "this game couldn't possibly be fixed, could it?" category.

No, I don't believe in conspiracies like that. But then, how can the replay booth not take a look at a critical, pivotal final turnover with just :15 left in the game?


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