Friday, October 03, 2008


In case you missed the Vice Presidential debate last night, here's a copy of Sarah Palin's cheat sheet. She made expert use of it imho.

My friend JB summarized the spectacle quite well, I thought. Without his permission, I'll let him describe it for you:


As expected, the local paper greets me this morning with the headline:
"GOP hopeful holds own during debate." I guess if the Couric/Gibson
interviews are your baseline, she was fucking phenomenal. Knocked it
out of the park. If you'd never heard of her before and your baseline
is what most rational citizens might expect from an oval office
candidate, it was once again tragically embarrassing. Some of my
favorite highlights:

- What I have to imagine was the first ever VP debate "shout out."

- Her affectionate use of the term Joe Six Pack.

- The wink!

- The look on Biden's face during the stretches where Palin seemed to be
randomly stringing words together in the hopes of filling her time
(pretty much any time they showed Biden...)

- Her claim that "energy" is her "area of expertise." (I can only assume
that living on top of oil is to energy expertise as living next to a
foreign country is to foreign policy expertise.)

- Her suggestion that McCain's Vietnam service means he "knows how to
win a war." (Uh, (1) we lost that war, (2) McCain was shot down twice,
then (3) captured and held for the entire conflict... not exactly a
winning resume)

- And dag nabbit, I love me them folksy witticisms!


Thanks, JB. That was it in a nutshell. Holy friggin' shit...millions of people are actually going to punch the ticket with her name on it CHOOSING her to be Vice President.

Looks like 8 years of Bush has really lowered the bar for the highest posts in the land.


Boris Epstein said...

Thanks, this is awesome! May I reprint this! Who's the author (so I can give credit where credit is due)?

< Terry V. Mertens, Jr. Creative Director & Copywriter said...

Wish I could take credit for that, but it was actually sent my way by longtime buddy, JB in PA...and he found it here:

The commentary is brutal, but funny.