Monday, October 13, 2008


My kind of frown.

Man, it sucks being a sports fan in Chicago these days. Let's just change the name of the city to CHOKEAGO. Did you see the Bears come back to win the game with 11 seconds left yesterday...only to have the Falcons inexplicably turn the tables and use those 11 seconds to send the Bears home a bunch of losers like their baseball-playing neighbors the White Sox & Cubs.

Speaking of whom, that's been the biggest topic of conversation at the sports bars this past week - which baseball team sucked harder. You've got the Sox fans clinging to their one playoff win as evidence of having out-performed their north-side rivals. The Cubs fans point to the record as support for their claim that their lovable losers were the better squad. The sad fact is, they both fucking blew it after all the hype about having a cross-town World Series match-up.

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