Thursday, September 04, 2008


This Daily Show snippet is another classic. Calling out the hypocrites and their double standards by using their own words. Genius.

Seriously - this heretofore little-known woman, who I am certain is a fantastic person, is one slip in the shower away from being leader of the free world. One playful "boo!" away from the Oval Office. One more irregularly shaped mole away from an impromptu inauguration. And does anyone even know or care what she stands for? Has anyone seen her resume (or lack thereof?). That McCain would put us all in jeopardy with such an irresponsible selection when so many vastly more qualified running mates speaks volumes about the decision, which is an overt play to woo disenfranchised Hillary supporters away from their deeply held convictions and toward a vote of spite. Hell hath no fury...

Yeah...I saw the speech, and forgive me, but moved I was not. I disliked Hillary...but at least Hillary understood global warming, the science of evolution, and the function of a Vice President. In case you're unfamiliar, Sarah Palin has recently been unclear on all three, to put it nicely. Go ahead and YouTube it. Good stuff!

Look - we all have friends on both sides here. Smart people on both sides. But this isn't the Bears versus the Packers. It's a 4 year commitment to the policies and ideologies of a handful of people. Is there no compromise we can come to in this? Maybe Obama and McCain could just agree right now to take turns and swap being leader of the free world every month. At this point, I'd settle for that. I'm okay sharing. I can give a little to get a little. How about you?

After eight ruinous years, I am becoming genuinely afraid that the very rich, the very religious, and the very racist will unite to ensure we remain in a perpetual state of decline. At least then I suppose I'll be able to apply for my dream job: drilling in the arctic. Ice road trucking anyone?

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