Thursday, June 12, 2008


A tax break, of course!

One of the Republican talking points I've been hearing a lot lately is this idea that Obama wants to raise taxes. I personally find it hard to believe that we'd be WORSE off financially if we leave Iraq with Obama versus sticking around another century or two with McCain. The war has been a huge hole in Uncle Sam's pocket. How is McCain planning to cut taxes AND keep fighting this red herring of a war?

Turns out he's not, really. Pay attention to this, folks. According to the tax experts, 90% of Americans will pay less taxes under Obama's plan than McCain's.

The party of big taxes actually figures to save you some coin over the alternative - to say nothing of the lives we'll be saving when we start bringing the troops back. I mean - shit - didn't Bush declare our mission accomplished back in 03 or something like that? Give me a break.

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