Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am LOVING the media coverage of the Democratic Primary tonight. Apparently, Clinton is claiming to have received more total votes than Obama. Sounds like an episode of Mythbusters may be in order. Last I checked, two of the states she's trying to count in her total, Michigan and Florida, were disfuckingqualified well before the first vote was ever cast. But she's going to go ahead and count those votes anyhow - even though Obama wasn't even on the ballot in Michigan! Nice. Further she's decided not to count the states that held Caucuses instead of elections because Caucuses don't give people an opportunity to actually cast a vote. And maybe also because Obama won HUGE in the states where they held Caucuses!

What irks me to no end is how any otherwise intelligent, rational person would be able to, at least with a straight face, get up in front of thousands of people and make a claim so transparently contrived and inaccurate! How does she do it? With conviction! Meanwhile, she's thanking the Kentucky Fried Working Class voters for another big victory. She's been campaigning there all week...I'm actually surprised she didn't do better. The headlines on all the news channels report "Hillary wins big in Kentucky." That's not news in a state full of old, white, working class people. We just saw her lean on that same base in West Virginia.

Here's some news: "Obama blows off Kentucky and still gets 30% of the vote." Amazing, really.

Here's a question for you. Do you suppose there are more people who won't vote for HIllary because she is a woman than people who won't vote for Barack because he is black? This keeps me up at night. Do the two cancel each other out? How can you poll something like that? Would anyone actually admit to NOT voting for someone because of their ethnicity or gender? We know it's happening - but how much of it is really going on? We also know people are voting FOR Hillary because she is a woman and FOR Barack because he is black. Do these votes cancel out? And why do only a third of Clinton supporters say they'll vote for Obama if he wins the nomination? Who are the other two thirds and what's their issue with the O Bomb? Would they really abandon the ticket out of spite and sentence America to another 4 years of Republican misdirection? Pull your heads out of your asses and get with the program. We're bringing change, people. And he's got a sweet fade away jumper.

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