Wednesday, March 05, 2008


This documentary should be required viewing for all Americans.

If that sounds a little over the top to you, just call me a pole vaulter. Seriously, think about the MSM (mainstream media) for a second - how they are accountable to no one, and regulated only by politicians who routinely accept large amounts of money from them.

Who is left to check if the things we read every day, online and in the paper, or if the things we see and hear on the television and radio, are actually TRUE...or if they are only reported as such by a source no one is capable of questioning? Do you realize most of the news stories we read and presume are true come from just a handful of sources? Sure, you'll find the same story on, and in the Tribune, and see it on the news that night - but the source was the same. Who sets the agenda, deciding what and who we get to see on the news every night? These are some powerful folks, wouldn't you say? They're the ones who shape our thoughts, raise and dash our hopes, stoke our fears, and stir our conscience into action.

Check out that vid, kids. Then go watch the news. The rest of the documentary is available on You Tube or Google Video. Search for Orwell Rolls In His Grave.

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