Friday, March 07, 2008


This news clip is priceless. Apparently, a man was watching some porn with the volume up at an inadvisable level. His downstairs neighbor heard screaming and thought a woman was being raped. So he grabbed his sword (yes, this man had a sword at the ready), ran up the stairs, and kicked in his neighbor's door.

The stunned afficiopornado was speechless. The knight in shining blue jeans barked loudly, "Where is she?!? Where is she?!?" At sword-point, he forced his neighbor to open every closet and cabinet in the apartment to prove he was alone.

The hero of the story was later arrested for misconduct and could spend a little time behind bars for his noble reflex. Let's keep the porn volume down, people, lest our neighbors get the wrong idea.

What kind of porn was this guy watching that his neighbor mistook it for a crime? We may never know. The reporter who interviewed him didn't think to ask. I can't believe the guy submitted to an interview at all. Can you imagine the caption under his name on the nightly news? JOHN SMITH, interrupted while enjoying porn.

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