Saturday, February 02, 2008


Just took another one of those fancy candidate selector quizzes. I can't get enough of them. This one is 10 simple questions. Took about 40 seconds. I recommend you give it a whirl and see where you end up. There are only a handful of choices left. Here were my results...


1. Barack Obama.......8.........2
2. Hillary Clinton....6.........4
3. Ron Paul...........4.........6
4. John McCain........3.........7
5. Mike Huckabee......1.........9
6. Mitt Romney........1.........9

I already knew Obama was my choice, but it's good to see that, on the issues, he's also the person I want representing my interests in the White House.

Here's an indication of what Bush has done for Republicans. I was on the phone with mom the other day and was shocked to learn that BOTH of my parents voted for Obama in the Democratic Primary. They live in one of Illinois' most Republican counties where I was surprised they were even allowed to vote Democratic.

To further qualify my disbelief, you should know that mom last voted for Pat Buchanan, and dad is one of the last dozen or so people in the country who thinks the invasion and occupation of Iraq was a good idea. Yet, somehow, despite their conservative leanings, they were both eerily drawn to this Obama guy.

Could it be his optimism? His can-do spirit? His pragmatism? His enthusiasm for change? His desire to unite America again where we remain divided?

I later found out it was none of the above. Dad said he planned to vote for McCain in the general - I guess he just wanted to make sure that if the Democrats DID manage to win the presidency it wouldn't be Hillary. But we'll see if that happens. According to this article in Newsweek, a lot of Republicans are crossing over to vote for Obama...and not to screw Hillary. Because they LIKE him.

Imagine the possibility of having a president we actually LIKE for a change. It's been a long, long time...


Peter N said...

Hello there. It seems like ages since I last commented, and it probably HAS been. I hope this finds you well. And I'm not salty, just opinionated.

I took the test, and it turns out that my views matched those of Hillary and Obama, 8-2. I guarantee you a registered Republican, this guy (me) will be voting for Obama. He has a huge rally planned for tomorrow, Monday Feb. 4. It will take place in the Hartford Civic Center, and he'll be accompanied by his wife and Ted Kennedy. Quite a huge turnout for the 5:30pm rally is a sure thing, and the excitement level will be off the charts. The CNN, MSNC and local station's cameras and talking heads will be there too. I'm going to pop in there, just to get a taste of Obama's public speaking gift. And the next time for me at the Civic Center? A glorious Thursday, February 28th. Bruce and his E Street Band open the second leg of the MAGIC tour, again, right here in Hartford. Hey, it ain't Chicago, but I like it!! All the downtown restaurants and hotels are sold out for "BRUCE NIGHT."

Terry, have a healthy and happy 2008. Blog friend Peter N. Salty? Nope......

Peter N said...

Ter, I did not realize that your blog was NOT on my link list. Well, now it is. Enjoy the 34-21 Pats victory.

Peter N said...

And enjoy me eating crow...the Pats were outcoached by the Giant's defensive coordinator.