Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Aloha! I am back from the beach in sunny Maui, sunburned and married. And I just found some good news in my Inbox. You may recall the complaint I filed with the Better Business Bureau about RCN cable - read the communications exchange below for more on that. Anyhow - here's the official response from RCN according to the BBB:

"On February 22, 2008, the business provided the following information:
RCN apologizes for any inconvenience we may have caused. An adjustment has been applied to the account in the amount of $25.00. You will see the credit reflect your next bill."

Sometimes it pays to bitch.

More on the fabulous Hawaiian adventure to come...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting your big $25 back Mr. Mertenstein!

AYNtK said...

I sense this comment is a sarcastic joke making use of the popularly held stereotype that people of Jewish descent are notoriously cheap. Adding "stein" to the end of my gentile surname was very clever of you. I definitely got the joke, which was so funny I forgot to laugh. *wink*

I just hope your fun did not come at the expense of the point, which was NOT about getting $25 back, but rather fighting back against businesses unfairly fleecing the masses of their hard-earned money. The amount is not what matters here, but rather the fact that these types of business practices are all-too-common in today's marketplace, and left unchecked they add up to MILLIONS of dollars in additional revenue for companies providing nothing in return. This corporate mindset won't change unless consumers start standing up to the people holding us up. For any amount - 25 dollars or 25 cents.

The principle is the point, Mr. Anonymoustein. :)

Anonymous said...

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