Saturday, January 12, 2008


Here are a handful of documentaries produced by the BBC that you won't see in America - the one place that really needs to see them. History unspun.

Each one is about an hour long. I highly recommend throwing the earplugs in before bed and zoning out with the laptop to one of these. Free your mind. Helps explain why our country is so obsessed with the "self" and material consumption, and who this self-centeredness benefits in the end. Hint: It's not us.

I recommend the Power of Nightmares. It catalogs the beginning of the "neo-conservative" movement - starting with a pair of divergent ideologies, and ending with the culture of fear we have today. You may be surprised to learn just how long Rumsfeld and Cheney have been behind the scenes buttfucking America. (And there may be something after all to my grandmother's claim that Richard Perle is satanspawn)

These are some seriously bad characters who have elevated themselves to positions of power. War criminals. Liars without conscience. Again, you won't find programming like this on American television - thank Gore we have the Internet.

Pardon my Freudian slip.

These documentaries also provide great historical background for the insanity of Islamic radicalism - a movement founded to destroy the American purveyors of selfish individualism. It is interesting to look back with the benefit of knowing how the story plays out - and how the two divergent ideologies are now locked in an epic struggle. Both the Islamic Jihad and Neo-onservative movements are led by powerful, manipulative extremists and the hard-working people executing their treacherous will are naive pawns brainwashed into believing they are preserving and protecting their ways of life - which, for some reason, is only possible if the other way of life is defeated. How convenient for the power brokers.

Good versus evil? Don't believe the hype. There's no good and evil here. There's no right and wrong. There are the misled and misled. Can someone turn the lights on in this place?


"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."


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