Tuesday, September 18, 2007


One of the few remaining justifications for the war in Iraq, we're told, is the possibility that – SOMEHOW – by invading the country on false pretenses, toppling a lame dictatorship that posed no more a threat to our national security than any other country in that region, creating a dangerous power vacuum without a thoughtful, viable plan for filling the government void, refereeing an intensely violent sectarian civil war, sparking a broad insurgency across an already volatile region, sustaining widespread, worldwide resentment toward our hegemonic foreign policy decisions, dumping billions into destabilizing the Middle East to promote an aggressive, unilateral campaign of preemptive military intervention, and sacrificing the lives of thousands of Americans who might have done more for our country had they been afforded an opportunity to serve it here at home – SOMEHOW – we’re SAFER for it.

NOW we’re safer, they say. Isn’t that right, General Petraeus?

Shockingly, even the man charged with driving the war bus in Iraq admitted on the record before Congress he isn’t convinced that, despite our best efforts, we’re any safer today.

Because he knows we AREN'T.

The most responsible thing we the people can do right now is to hold our leadership accountable for the bad decisions they've made. And that includes leaning on the Democratic opposition who continue to roll over in tacit support of our ongoing national tragedy. I say this now because the plans have already been drawn up for a military air strike on Iran - and many believe the idiot in charge plans to authorize one before he leaves office in January '09. Google it, my friends.

Someone must put an end to America's military crusade in the Middle East before we're forced to mobilize hundreds of thousands more troops for a wider scale conflict of Third Reichian proportions. Look at the monumental failures we've already accomplished and take notice of where we're headed. The Republican Presidential nominees are blowing hard about "cutting and running" and "admitting defeat." This dangerous mentality is the express route to a national draft and permanent occupation.

Has anyone stopped to consider: Maybe there's no exit strategy in Iraq because Doomsday Dick, Rumsfailed, Condoliesalot, Wolfoshitz and the rest of the neo-conditos never intended to leave.

As the bumper sticker says: If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

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