Friday, May 25, 2007


Did you know there are still U.S. army bases in Japan and Germany today…more than 60 years after the end of WWII?

Of course you knew that – EVERYBODY knows that. But did you also know there are bases in Cuba and South Korea? Yeah? I guess that was kind of easy. Well, how about Iceland and the Philippines? Yeah – we have a military base in Iceland.

Let me cut to the chase here. It is widely known that America has strategically projected its military all over the globe to maintain a presence it deems is in the interest of its national, and global, security. But do you realize just how projected the military is? Take a guess.

Go ahead. 10 military bases stationed overseas? 15? How about 50? 250? Okay, now we’re getting a little ridiculous, right? How could we have 250 military installations all over the world? That can’t be. And it isn’t.

Try over 700. SEVEN HUNDRED military installations and bases scattered all over the globe. Right now we’re in the midst of constructing a base of operation in Iraq that’s bigger than the Vatican. Make no mistake about it, wherever the seeds of American imperialism scatter, they find purchase. And the roots we put down are permanent. It’s really no wonder the resentment is so high.

Check out the map of the only world we know. It’s starting to look like a game of Risk. 60 years ago team red was pretty much confined to U.S. soil, and today it’s laid down airstrips and artillery in over 30 foreign countries. What’s really going on here? Why does the U.S. feel the need to be everywhere? As an American, I am more than a little curious to understand why we are expanding in this fashion. The folks in China and Russia were not excited about recent news that the “temporary” bases we built in the central Asian republics following 9/11 are to become permanent installations. They acquiesced to our request to set up camp there, even though the proximity of our presence represented a threat to regional security, as a show of good faith so that we could “bring to justice” those responsible for the WTC attacks. And now the news that we are staying put – just 200 miles from China.

What if China had military installations all over the globe, including bases in Mexico, Canada, and Bermuda? Might make it a little harder to sleep at night.

These are not the random observations of a single individual. This is a documented strategy of global domination that has a name. It’s called the Core Gap. Where the world is considered stable, we have what is called The Core. Where there is conflict and instability, a Gap. The idea is that the Gap remains contained so the Core can thrive. Interestingly, the Gap seems to exist in the hot zone – our planet’s bloated belly muffintopping the equator.

Do you ever stop to think about the world outside of the world we live in? There are the things that influence us from day to day that we are immediately aware of because we see, smell, touch, hear, and taste them. And then there are those things that influence us from week to week, month to month, and year to year because they shape the countless variables in our system. Things like securing access to oil. Negotiating trade agreements. Outsourcing service sector jobs to India. Subversively disrupting Iran’s nuclear ambitions through industrial sabotage. Most people don’t think about those things. But there are people in this world whose jobs are to direct global progress. And these people have a vision. Individuals like you and me are not a part of this vision. We’re too small even to be pawns in this complicated game of world chess. We’re invisible.

Wouldn’t you like to know what’s really going on? Wouldn't you like to know what the hell is really going on in Dubai? There aren't enough sheiks and billionaires to buy into the grand paradise they are hand carving over there. Who is really for?

Why do you suppose Britain so blindly followed the U.S. into Iraq? How much oil is really left - and where is it?

Are Neo-cons modern-day Masons? What do they know that we don't?

Is global warming really public enemy number one here - or is it the greatest hoax every perpetrated upon the American people as suggested by Congressman James Inhofe?

Why are we in Israel's pocket, and why are they in our pocketbook? Why do we send one of the most technologically advanced, flourishing societies with one of the best economies in the world billions in foreign assistance making them the single biggest benefactor of U.S. aid per capita in the world by a large margin when we send so much less to under-developed impoverished nations that actually NEED it, and all at the expense of domestic programs that would help us here at home, from education to social security to health care? Who is responsible for submitting and supporting these irrational policy decisions and why are our elected politicians agreeing to them? What do they know that we don't, because this kind of grossly negligent spending of U.S. taxpayer money is beyond outrageous.

We know we can't trust the mainstream media to give us the straight dope. They're complicit in the prestige. Until recently, we had no alternative but to trust the powers that be, and have faith that the information they shared with us was the truth.

But the web is making it harder for the global power brokers to keep wool pulled over our eyes. People are thinking. Sharing ideas. Learning about the issues that exist outside the little world we live in from day to day. The invisible are whispering.

And if you listen carefully - you might just hear what we're saying.

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