Thursday, May 31, 2007


I've been back on a songwriting kick again. Here's my latest, from the spirit world...


I want a flame-broiled Whopper
A greasy heart-stopper
Loaded up with mayo and cheese
And can you super-size that please?

I need a haystack, baby
With extra sausage gravy,
Eggs, potatoes, bacon and cheese
Can I get just one more biscuit please?

Cause when you’re gone
Adios, farewell, so long
Better while you’re here to slam a can of beer
So come on, come on!

And when you go, you’ll find
Everything gets left behind
You can plan ahead, but plan on being dead like me

(cause that’s the way it’s meant to be)

Hey, why don’t we go
Get super steak burritos
With guacamole and sour cream
Chihuahua cheese and refried beans

Let’s order pizza – how you want it?
With pepperoni on it
Bacon, burger, sausage, and ham
Meat lovers just don’t give a damn


Stuffed to the gills and all out of steam
Defibrillating in my dreams
Clogged with cholesterol and saturated fats
I’ll surrender when the heart attacks

Let's get started with a deep fried platter
Extra heavy batter
Poppers, nuggets, cheese sticks, and wings
On a bed of french fries and onion rings

I’ve had enough to eat but then you
Pass the dessert menu
I guess we could get something to share
And chow till we can't get off our chairs


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