Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I am guessing you have probably seen Jon Stewart's recap of the GOP debate by now, but if not, here's a link. A couple of great moments here. I missed the debate, but apparently three of the idiots on stage actually raised their hands when the moderator asked if anyone up there didn't believe in evolution. Silly monkeys. I also loved the report at the end of this clip from the gates of hell. Good stuff!

Seriously though. The year is 2007 and 30% of the Republican candidates for PRESIDENT don't accept evolution as a scientific truth. Kind of scary if you ask me. I think we should make these clowns take a test before they can be eligible for higher office. A simple quiz might have eliminated Dumbya before he declared his candidacy and spared us all the agony of having to weather this deadly 8-year blunderstorm. While I don't think an effective leader needs to be a genius, I certainly think he should have a solid grasp on reality and read above a 4th grade level. (I keep saying "he" here since there aren't any female candidates in the race for president. A first generation cyborg, Hillary is technically androgenous)

Anyhow, some real winners running for office in the guns and ammo party. I'm seeing a game show on FOX any day now: "Are you smarter than a Republican?"


Michelle Finsand-Peacock said...

While I enjoy your blog, I have to say that it's actually scarier that you DO believe in evolution. I know, I'm your blog-reading traitor... Thanks for making us think with your posts though.

AYNtK said...

No need to apologize. We are each, in our own way, blind to the truths around us. Given all that we don't know about life and the universe, there's probably no merit to either creationism or evolution. Just a couple of extremely myopic theories on existence limited by the human mind.

Although I have to admit it would seem to me to be a lot harder to argue against evolution that creationism given that we are surrounded by scientific evidence in support of the former and a book of stories (written by the evolved?) in support of the latter.

But then science does have a way of reversing itself if you give these researchers enough time.