Friday, April 20, 2007


A friend of mine out east and I frequently swap links (that sounds dirty), share news, and enjoy discussing/debating the collapse of our nation in short caffeinated bursts. The burst he sent me this morning on the VA Tech massacre was great, so I asked him if I could post it here and spare myself the effort of writing something half as good.

JB about says it all:

"Last night dining at Chili's, I noticed the TVs in the bar bombarded with images of the VA Tech shooter and the tagline: "Copy Cat Concerns." I couldn't make out the channel or hear the audio, but good grief. Let's move on and stop hyping the spectacle. More than 170 civilians died in Iraq from bomb blasts shortly after the VA tech shootings. Tens of thousands die from gun violence every year in this country. The United Nations currently puts the Darfur genocide numbers at more than 450,000 dead. While horrific and tragic, VA Tech is barely a footnote to the record of human depravity. (No, I'm not desensitized from over exposure to violence in the media, video games, etc. I've simply reached the limit of my capacity for shock at the real-world exploits of our species.) Why give other, alienated sociopaths confirmation that the news media will deliver nothing short of iconicity for purveyors of school shootings? And why the predictable and incessant witch hunt for causes, missteps, and scapegoats? As if the occasion of a 23-year-old student deciding one quiet Virginia morning to shoot dead 32 of his fellow campus community members could be reduced the logic of cause and effect... [end of rant]"


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