Thursday, March 01, 2007


As the snow slowly melts into the ground, and frigid streams trickle through slippery sewer grates, the sidewalks become clear again - so that we can see all of the piles of dog crap abandoned since our last big snow.

Walking to work this morning was like negotiating a minefield perilously loaded with menacing turd bombs. I carefully leaned and dodged the soaking remains of pile after pile of (presumably) canine feces that clearly had been left steaming in the icy whiteness for WEEKS by lazy dog owners who really ought to know better. Worse, because the piles had been snowed over, they were stamped into the concrete below by passers-by so that they now resembled half-cooked pancakes, or perhaps the exploded remains of a shit-packed water balloon tossed from a nearby rooftop.

Yeah - pretty fucking gross. And I discovered that if you run your finger through it for a sample, it feels exactly like peanut butter. The flavor, however, is nothing like it.

Ah, yes. It is definitely that time of year again.

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