Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This story is another example of our legal system run amok. All it takes is the application of a little common sense on someone’s part and this whole thing goes away. Instead, we have a bunch of fucking morons holding a “presumed” innocent lady to the letter of a law she in all likelihood did not break. Here's a summary:

A substitute teacher in Connecticut reportedly entered class one morning and saw a group of 7th graders all giggling while huddled around the PC on her desk. She investigated and discovered that there were a bunch of pornographic pop-up ads on the screen, which the inquisitive, hormonal pre-teens were busily inspecting with shock and awe. It used to be that the JC Penney catalog was all it took to give me a "pop-up" - today kids are just a click away from full blown intercourse on the world wide web.

The teacher frantically shuttled her curious kids away from the offensive images, but word of their informal sex education ultimately got out, and now she’s on the verge of spending the next 40 years in prison. Yes - 40 years behind bars for a bunch of pop-up ads she had no control over.

An analysis of the hard drive revealed the presence of malicious spyware, which we’ve all experienced at one time or another. As you are likely aware, you don't even have to be browsing "adult" sites to fall prey to some of these sneaky bastards. One minute you're browsing free shit on Craig's list and the next thing you know you've got The World's Horniest Singles flashing all over your screen. That's the danger of "clicking around."

Had the school protected its computers adequately, spyware-bearing cookies never would have found their way in. How can anyone possibly accuse this woman of negligently exposing minors to pornographic material? And what's with this talk of locking her up for 40 years? Child molesters spend less time in the clink. That's enough time for a REAL criminal to commit a crime, do time, get out, commit another crime, do more time, get out again and commit another crime! Who the hell is behind this madness?

Here’s a link to the whole story if you'd like to read all about it. I hear you may even be able to send a letter of support.

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