Friday, October 20, 2006


DAMN this coffee is strong. I don't understand why. I made it the same way I make it every morning. 10 cups of water in the Krups. One cup of blended kona. I just don't get it.



What if it's not the coffee that's different? What if it's ME? What if my taste buds are suddenly hyper-sensitive? What if I have a superpower I never knew I had? Extreme taste! Yes! And maybe I can use it for good, fighting crime with my extraordinary sense of taste. Folks can call me Flayva Man!

This is gold.

"We've got no leads, detective."

"Bring in that guy. What's his name. Guy with the tongue."

"Flayva Man?"

"Yeah - him. Have him lick this entire room for evidence and let me know what he tastes."

"You got it, detective. Hey Johnson! Get a holda Flayva. No visible clues yet, but I'm betting this place isn't as tasteless as it looks."

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