Thursday, September 21, 2006


You know what really fucking sucks? That women in our society are treated as sex objects. I hate it. Everywhere you look women are coveted for the way they look instead of being appreciated for who they are or what they do. It's just wrong...and it's not FAIR!

Just once I'D like to be objectified for the way I look - to be judged on my physical appearance and sex appeal. To have people ignore my other qualities and say things like, "He only got that job because of the humongous bulge in his Dockers." Or, "He looks like a slut...but I'd wear those jeans, too, if I had his ass." To get whistled at just for getting into my car. To notice all the heads turn as I sashay my sizzlin' rump down the sidewalk. To get people to stop what they're doing and help me out just because, in some twisted fantasy world in their head, I may be so grateful I will decide to sleep with them.

Yeah...just ONCE I'd like to wield that kind of power. Then it's back to being all about what I do and what I drive. Oh, he's a lawyer with twin Mercedes. Oh, she's married to a doctor - drives a Land Rover. Oh, he used to play football at Purdue...nice Escalade. Oh, he's the problem gambler with the Corvette.

[Yes, I am kidding. No need to comment on my enormous package.]

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