Friday, August 11, 2006


We hear these stories on the news every day. Criminals who ought to be locked up are out in the world committing crimes - not because they escaped prison, but because the judicial system failed to protect us from them. We hear victims asking, "Why was this person on the street?" and "How could something like this happen?"

A recent case in San Francisco involves a man who should have been sent to jail a number of times, out breaking the law instead, and what we end up with is a dead police officer. The media, instead of focusing on why the criminal was still out on the street in the first place, decided to question the actions of the dead officer and the policies of the department. This prompted Gary Delagnes, fed-up President of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, to craft a statement for the media.

And, boy, it's a good one!

Check it out here as this dude tells it like it is. After the brief commercial, turn your volume up.


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