Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I'll admit it. When I was a kid, I loved dressing up the family dog in "people" clothes. I'd patiently work with the family collie mix, Pixie, until she was all decked out in her Sunday best (usually something from my sister's closet). Or I'd outfit her with a Chicago Bears jersey, pair of Reeboks, and Blueblocker sunglasses. Yeah - I had a ton of fun pretending my dog was the punky QB, Jim McMahon. I'd even arrange photo shoots using dad's Polaroid camera, trying to get her pose like the Heisman trophy.

But I was 11 years old.

Here's a site full of pictures, taken presumably by adults, of dressed up pets. The guy who has posted these humiliating pet pics isn't awarding the owners any praise for their effort. He's actually convinced they are mentally disturbed and has included some nice captions alongside the photos.

See for youself what these dogs might say to their owners if only they could speak.

Many laughs.

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JessieE said...

oh, the dog thing is classic. I laughed out loud, and then sent it to everyone i know. With my luck, by the time everyone checks it, radical apathy will be on to something else.