Tuesday, August 22, 2006


A businessman in India admitted himself to a New Delhi hospital this week to have his penis removed. One of them, anyhow.

The “gifted” 24-year-old reportedly had an extremely rare medical condition called diphallus, or penile duplication. What made his case even harder to swallow, pardon the visual, was the fact that both of his members were, ahem, sexually active. In most cases of diphallus, as I am sure you are well aware, one of the limbs is for decoration only. But apparently this guy always delivered a double shipment of wood, likely to the surprise and exasperation of a very confused partner.

According to reports, he wanted to get married and have a “normal” sex life, hence his cutback in the cock department. There are only around 100 reported cases of diphallus in the world, making it extremely rare. It is known to occur among one in around 5.5 million men. So this guy is literally one a million…or five million, as it happens.

And for some reason I can’t help but think of the future this guy could have had in porn, starting with his own line of films:

Doublefucker Productions


Two For the Honey

Linkin’ Logjam

Double Sixes

Dueling Handjobs

Twice as Hard

Cock & Awe

Wonder Twins

Two the Hard Way

Salami Sandwich

The Daily Double

The DoublePecker

Johnson & Johnson

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barnyardfriend said...

He could nickname them "the chicken" and "the egg" and title the film "Which came first?"