Monday, July 24, 2006


What's the farthest you've gone outside of your house without realizing you're not wearing any pants?

I have a new record. I've walked out into my hallway countless times before realizing I should put some pants on. Even made it all the way to the elevator once. But that's nothing compared to what I pulled off today.

Today I jogged half way to North Avenue Beach in a pair of red Hanes boxer shorts before realizing that I had not put on shorts. It was a simple mistake. I was changing clothes after work and the phone rang. It was a work call and I ended up sitting down to take some notes. I guess I pulled on my shoes one while I was sitting there, and when the call ended, I stood up, grabbed my keys, and headed out. Shortsless in Chicago.

If the doorman thinks he's getting a tip from me this holiday season, he's sorely mistaken.


Donkey Hoatie said...

I don't know if this beats you or not, but first year of grad school, I thwarted a would-be burglar while I was buck naked coming out of the shower. I chased him outside in broad daylight before realizing I probably shouldn't be chasing another man while naked. Made it about 50 feet outside (on 1st Ave. and Gregory in Champaign, down the block from the Six-Pack) before heading back in.

barnyardfriend said...

Not sure that would have raised an eyebrow in a college town. Happened all the time.

Chris said...

I would be on the lookout and a bit more concerned if the doorman tried to give you a tip!