Tuesday, April 18, 2006


If you liked Babble, you’ll love Iron Sudoku. Actually, that’s not necessarily true. Babble was a word find game, Sudoku is a game of logic. But if you enjoy mental exercise, Iron Sudoku will give your cranial wheels a workout.

Don’t let the numbers fool you – Sudoku has nothing to do with math. They could fill the boxes with colors or shapes and the strategy would be the same. Numerals are used because they’re well-recognize symbols that people can immediately differentiate with ease. If you’ve never played before, simply use deductive logic and the process of elimination to start filling boxes with symbols until you have a finished puzzle that complies with the game's stated objective: Use each number just once per row, column, and box.


barnyardfriend said...

I have been doing Sodoku for a while now. I realize that I don't like to try the hard ones. I keep getting to the end and the last number won't fit. I prefer the easy ones for entertainment.

AYNtK said...

If the last number won't fit, try writing a little smaller.