Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I ate a bowl of chili yesterday and it finally caught up with me.

I had the most amazing gas today. AMAZING. The kind that's extremely voluminous, which feels great to pass, but - and here's the amazing part - doesn't have a hint of odor to it. Not a trace. I noticed it in the car on the way to work this morning and couldn't believe my nose. I emitted no fewer than 4 major blasts and not a single one smelled. That was the green light I needed.

I started quietly letting go monster farts at the office. In the conference room during status. By the water cooler. In the elevator. I even had a client meeting downtown during which I let float several massive ass balloons. Then in the cab on the way back, I slowly liberated a number of streaming mini bursts - immensely enjoying each one as it snuck out the back door.

Yeah, I've been farting all day long and loving every second of it. And because odor-free gas is so rare for me, I've been taking full advantage - openly farting everywhere, in mid-sentence, and while standing next to people who are seated. It's been great.

And then around 1pm the sinus pill kicked in and my nose cleared up.

Let's just say ignorance is ass.

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