Monday, February 13, 2006


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Don’t mind me – just an experiment to see if this drums up a few more web hits.

From what I understand about Search Engine Optimization, people searching for naked celebrities will be directed to visit AYNtK. They might consider it misleading of me to advertise naked pics of celebrities in this way, but I call it fate.

If you are reading this post because you came here looking for naked pictures of celebrities, don’t be discouraged. You were meant to find AYNtK. I am fate’s monkey, and I type what you are thinking. I am here to tell you that looking at photographs of naked women is not what you need to be doing right now. You need to be getting back to work – you ARE the President of the United States, after all. I would have expected this search string out of Bill, but not YOU!


Sheila K said...

Terry: Thought I'd test this for you on, and no luck. However, thanks for the tip on!!! Now I'm scarred for life! hahahahahaha

AYNtK said...

You gotta give it some time, Sheila! The search crawlers are constantly auditing the WWW for relevant matches. Some will likely disregard my post as it does not appear to be an earnest string of words. In other words, it seems to have been created for the sole purpose of getting noticed by search engines. The crawlers are sophisticated enough to ignore these strings. What I really need to do is work the words "Stacy Keibler naked" into a post about something entirely unrelated. This will yield more matches.

Fun with the web!